It has a mechanism that allows the system to rotate and return to its original position
The mechanism is made of mounted bearings and adjustable springs
The hard or soft closing and opening of the seats is regulated by the nuts mounted under the springs.
Mechanism works in a container made of 1.2 millimeter thick sheet metal
There are rotatable position protective dampers measuring 60x30x2,5 mm connected to the mechanism
The worktop is made of 12 millimeter compact material
Table feet are manufactured from sheet metal, with hidden connection to the floor and has a cable duct
There are data, wifi and power sockets on the worktops
Seating and back units of the product is metal frame embedded in polyurethane foam where density is 50± %10
In compliance with EN FMV SS 302 fire-resistance standard
Corrosion resistant in compliance with EN ISO 9227 Standard

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