Seating and back units of the product is metal frame embedded in polyurethane foam where density is 50± %10
In compliance with EN FMV SS 302 fire-resistance standard
Corrosion resistant in compliance with EN ISO 9227 Standard
In compliance with EN ISO 12727 Standard highly resistant to hooliganism
Artificial leathers used in upholstery are produced with additives that provide high resistance to salt, UV rays, fire and chlorine
The artificial leathers used in the upholstery are covered with 4 millimeter lamination which has non-flammable properties
Surface of the armrest is wood.
Tip-up mechanism of the product operating with the center of gravity system
The metal parts of the seats are designed and produced by laser cutting without seamless of monolithic 6 millimeter sheet and bending in press molds
Seats are firmly attached to the barriers with the rail system mounted on the steps
Fewer dowels are used on the steps with this system. This system allows the seats to be shifted from right to left, and allows them to be easily replaced with new seats in future times
Armrests of the seats are made of MDF over metal frame and covered with laminated leather
The seat provides space in the tribunes with the ergonomic and slim structure

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