Seating unit of seat and backrest metal frame over 50+ - padding is polyurethane foam density 10%.
It is resistant to corrosion according to EN ISO 9227 standard.
EN FMV SS 302 standard and 13501-1 / E class fire-resistant.
EN ISO 12727 standard at a high level against hooligans resistant.
The artificial leather in the upholstery is produced with added chemical material that provides high resistance to salt, UV rays, fire and chlorine.
The artificial leather in the upholstery is coated lamination 4 mm non-flammable properties.
Seats Medicine-up mechanism is working with the center of gravity system.
Metal parts of the designed seat is 6 mm seamless monolithic sheet metal and produced with laser cutting bending operations and molds.
Ergonomic and slim structural Seats in the grandstand bring more space for additinal seats.
There is an 8 mm compact writing table with integrated mechanism with metal armrest.

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